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A/Prof. Yossi Buskila

Principle Investigator

A/Prof. Buskila is a faculty member at the school of Medicine and a research fellow at the MARCS institute. He completed his Ph.D in neurophysiology from Ben-Gurion University, Israel in 2010. Following his Ph.D he joined the lab of Prof. Graham Ellis-Davies (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) as a postdoctoral research fellow, where he studied the effect of β-amyloid on short- and long-term synaptic dynamics of cortical pyramidal neurons using electrophysiological and 2-photon imaging techniques. In 2012, Dr Buskila joined the Bioelectronics and Neuroscience (BENS) research group (now part of the MARCS Institute) at the University of Western Sydney, first as a postdoctoral research fellow and later as a senior research fellow.

Dr Buskila's is heading the cellular neurophysiology lab at Western Sydney University. His research focuses on signal processing of cortical neurons, with emphasis on neuronal-astrocytic interactions in neurodegenerative diseases. He uses multi-site electrophysiological recordings along with imaging techniques to measure and evaluate the way neurons and astrocytes communicate.

Dr Buskila is also the co-founder and director of PAYO Scientific, a spin-off company that build and distribute the BraincubatorTM.


A/Prof. Yossi Buskila
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